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334th Dedicated server Stats Page 
Description: kills, Deaths, All you ever need to know about how you are doing on our server against the aces of the 334th
Added on: 08-Aug-2009 Hits: 1243 Rating: 10.0 (1 Vote)
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Category: Stats

Mission 4 today 
Description: Good site for IL2 resources and missions
Added on: 03-Dec-2012 Hits: 996
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Category: Resources 
Description: Good Server site and forums
Added on: 13-Apr-2013 Hits: 984
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Category: Resources

IL2 1946 4.12 patch official version 
Description: 1C:Maddox Games and Daidalos Team, official patch 4.12. The patch should contain both the readme and guide.
Added on: 28-Jun-2013 Hits: 971
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Category: Resources

SAS Mod Activator v5.1 for 4.12m 
Description: Please note it is STRONGLY suggested you start with a fresh 4.12m install before switching over to Mod Act 5.10
Added on: 12-Jul-2013 Hits: 813
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Category: Resources

IL2 4.12.1 Patch 
Description: IL2 4.12.1 Patch official release 1C forums Warning The current version 4.12.1 is not compatible with the previous versions of the flight simulator when playing over the network (Online). Both the server and client must have the appropriate versions in order to connect. Attention: Version 4.12.1 is only for a merged 1946 version of the simulator of the proper version (FB+AEP+PF). Add-On Installation Instructions (Please read carefully) The Il-2 1946 add-on v.4.12.1 installs only over v.4.12. In order to install this add-on, run the exe file and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that this add-on is impossible to install over stand alone Pacific Fighters.
Added on: 08-Aug-2013 Hits: 812
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Category: Resources

4th Fighter Group Association 
Description: Good historical site
Added on: 13-Apr-2013 Hits: 762
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Category: Resources

History of the 334th Eagle Squadrons 
Description: A compelling read for any who are interested in the history of the 334th Fighter Squadron and the Debden Eagles
Added on: 28-Jul-2009 Hits: 728
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Category: Resources

334th Eagle Squadron on Facebook 
Description: You can find us in Facebook also. You can find historical pictures and artwork of 334th here
Added on: 11-Dec-2012 Hits: 693
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Category: Resources

4.12-2 Patch 
Description: 4.12-2 Patch at 1C forums
Added on: 02-Dec-2013 Hits: 684
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Category: Resources

Description: HSFX DOWNLOADS in 242 Sqn forums You need torrent to load these
Added on: 27-May-2013 Hits: 637
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Category: Resources

HSFX 7.0 Torrent 
Description: This is the link to download the HSFX 7 mod in mission 4 today, you need to have an account in there to get the download link but it worth!
Added on: 27-Mar-2014 Hits: 581
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Category: Resources

TS 3 addon Military radio soundpack 
Description: Addon: Military Radio Event sounds recorded made to sound like they're being broadcasted through a military radio. If you ever felt that the sense of mil-sim realism was destroyed by the robotic TeamSpeak voice, this mod is for you. Please post suggestions and comments so I can improve it and/or release a new version.
Added on: 26-Feb-2014 Hits: 549
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Category: Resources

IL2 Patch collection Good one . 
Description: VMF/214 Black Sheep Patch collection *** IL2 STURMOVIK 1946 PATCHES & MODS *** *** INCLUDING HOW TO VIDEO's *** Ty VMF/214 HAMMER for great page and link .
Added on: 26-Feb-2014 Hits: 534
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Category: Resources

HSFX Updater 
Description: you can find the link to the auto updater for HSFX 7 here...
Added on: 27-Mar-2014 Hits: 376
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Category: Resources

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