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Date: Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:16 pm
Topic: Nuke-Evolution

Autumn Winter season 2014.

334th is active , we are having events, squadron matches,flight nights and general training.

334th is now in rebuilding and training stage.

Since 334th has had new recruits and some our older members have come back from extended leave, we have activated 4 more flights now 8 flights total. Our focus in near future is to joint our new and old members together as an deadly and functional team we are known about.
334th has 35 + active pilots and 3 prospects at the moment.
We continue being active with events and squadron matches.

334th has opened a Wing in War Thunder.
WT Wing leader is 334th_Roderick. we are recruiting new pilots in WT side also.

334th Team Speak 3
We have new TS. You can find latest information from our forums.

334th in FaceBook
You can find us in Facebook. We have FB site and 334th Facebook group.

334th Server Changes

Yes, sadly the 334th Server has been withdrawn due under-utlilization not justifying its cost, however, we still own the hardware and remain ready to plug it in again whenever we see a need to provide a quality IL2 gaming resource, for use by our members and their guests.

At the moment 334th is in fundraising mode to launch dedicated server for Squadron use, events ans squadron matches.


We are pleased to continue to publish details of our past success in the final match of the 2011 season, where we narrowly defeated the 54th Squadron 3-2, on the Memphis Belle map, in the skies over Germany.

In an exciting final round, hotly contested right up to the last minute of the match, the 334th eventually prevailed only by total match points, to achieve an unbroken string of victories throughout the season.

Our success was again due to our sound preparation, under the XO, 334th_Javelin's supervision, and the exceptional level of morale enjoyed by the 334th.

Thus our final 2011 season results read as follows:

Round 1 Bye
Round 2 Crimea 334th def CL-Squad 4-1
Round 3 El Alamein 334th def =Elite= 4-1
Round 4 Bye
Round 5 Rhubarb 334th def Sky9T 4-1
Round 6 Tarawa 334th def 54th 4-1
Round 7 Carentan 334th def CRO 4-1
Round 8 Memphis Belle 334th Def MOG 4-1
Round 9 Seelowe Heights 334th Def SDT 4-1
Final 1 Tarawa 334th Def MOG 4-1
Final 2 Memphis Belle 334th Def 54th 3-2

These results contrast considerably with our efforts last season, when we did not enjoy the best of results for our first 2 matches, while we shrugged off the lethargy of the previous off-season, but we did eventually enjoy a most pleasing return to form, by finishing well in our final 4 matches for 2010.

1. CRO def 334th 4-1 Operation Shingle
2. 69th def 334th 3-2 Rangoon
3. 334th def MAG 4-1 Operation Pedestal
4. 334th forf TAT 4-0 Battle for Australia
5. 334th def 54th 3-2 Operation Ratweek
6. 334th def Merc 3-2 Burma
7. 334th def RS 4-1 Night Witches

Unsurprisingly, our squadron morale was also at an all-time-high, with many of our less active members again contributing their time and experience, helping to savour our success along with a number of new recruits.

We can see how again this season, the USL competition served us well, in enabling us all to share in a common purpose, and focus our efforts to continue to advance, both our team, and individual combat skills.

We much appreciated the fine work of our XO, who's efforts were once again instrumental, in providing combat command and control for the 334th, while simultaneously exacting a heavy personal score from our enemies, in addition to his USL Liaison duties.

1LT 334th_Virtue assisted the XO in his Liaison duties and built upon his excellent intelligence work from last season, by putting this knowledge to good use in building a considerable ground attack score.

We also owe a vote of thanks to our allies from the AG26 squad and 131 Squad, without whose assistance and support, last season, many of our achievements might not have been possible. Allied members have enabled us to fill vacancies on our flight line from time to time, and have consistently assisted us to fill our training programe with quality support and potent adversaries.

I am most pleased to see this alliance continuing, and seeing some excellent combat results from AG26 members.

Presently we also continue to enjoy joint participation in weekly Flight Night in thursdays, with maps developed by AG26 squad members and line servers, enabling us to ensure regular formal activity for both the 334th and AG26 Squadrons.

This USL season we were also pleased to see frequent training conducted with the assistance of the 54th Squad, with whom we did enjoy considerable mutual match preparation action, which evidently served both of our squads extremely well, as was apparent from both team's results.

We do still always have time for a beer or two at the Belly Tank, remain on standby to scramble to meet any combat challenge, and are still pleased to be available for a technical discussion in the hangar, so please feel free to drop in and say hi, however you might find us all down in the World of Tanks channel on temporary assignment.

1LT 334th_Arjan will occasionally be in there and want to talk recruitment, so be warned, but if you are looking to join our squad, just check out our requirements at 334th_H.Q. at the bottom of the Main Menu.


334th_Virtue (LTC)

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