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Date: Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:00 am
Topic: Nuke-Evolution

The 334th Eagle Squadron fly using the IL2-Sturmovik 1946 air combat simulation to commemorate the World War 2 squadron of the same name. We attempt to keep alive the thrills and skills learned by men who paid in sweat and blood for air superiority in the skies over Europe in WW2 and also later in the Korean War.

In seeking to assist others to also enjoy team air combat, we did host a "334th_Dedicated" server on the Hyperlobby, which usually rotated a series of air battle scenarios for simulator pilots to join in virtual air combat from all over the world. During the USL season, however, we used our server for training exercises, in order to improve our combat capability with USL training exercises, and rotated the current USL battle scenario map. We presented this server with OPEN cockpit settings, since we believe that the enhanced visual perception presented, more closely resembles real-world visibility, and have deliberately chosen icon settings with real-world visual ranges in mind. As an added feature, our server normally enabled players to display aircraft custom skins, to further enhance player immersion. At the moment our server is on hold.
Our 334th Eagle Squadron is also pleased to enable registered forum members to download many of the latest community-originated game modifications. Our 334th Hangar forums contain an expanding array of links to game resources including advice and downloads, which continue to grow, and provide a focal point for future game mod-developers and users alike.

The 334th Eagle Squadron's organization is modelled on its WW2 counterpart, complete with an OCU (Operational Conversion Unit), where we send our recruits for formal training, if required, under the supervision of our D-Flight Commander MAJ 334th_WokeUpDead

If you are interested in joining the 334th, you can find a Pilot's application form at 334th H.Q./Enlistment on the Main (left side) Menu. (http://www.334theaglesquadron.com/modules.php?name=MILPACS&file=enlistment) Our recruitment Officer is 1LT 334th_Arjan who has his own Recruiting topic in The Belly Tank forum (enlisted men's club) and is also often available for your questions on TeamSpeak, along with other 334th members and guests. Also we have set special lounge for our recruits to gather firsthand information about squadron.

All are welcome to join our public Teamspeak 3 facility which we use for voice communications to enhance our tactical co-ordination : -
At the moment we are using mainly 334th and BF-s teamspeaks. You can find further information from our forums.
If you need a copy of Teamspeak 3, it is available under Downloads.

We do not have active stats at the moment.

We have added interesting links in Main menu / Stats & Links

We have added interesting documents in downloads for our members and other to read and use.

We have added site and facebook group. Facebook group is for 334th and friendĀ“s. Group is closed but you can apply in to it.

Presently our 334th_Dedicated Server development is on hold, however we think that in the near future many new map features, which are available under the version 4.13, will bring some much needed new adventure to the game, particulary now that the components exist to allow catapult launches from carriers underway, jet fighters and maps of the Korean war era, as well as a host of other new aircraft, maps and features such as moving ground targets and AI aircraft now able to play a role as well.

We are all excited by these developments, and look forward to sharing them with you.


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