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    334th H.Q.
News submitted by: 334th_Padre

It is a few weeks now since the SEOW Italy campaign ended and it's time to report on the squadron and it's activities and those enlisted who volunteered for this deployment.
334th Pilots helped the Allied Forces flying missions in the 1943/44 campaign on Sunday Evenings throughout late 2015 and early 2016. We provided a fighter wing and a bomber wing, regularly flying 2 hour sorties in bombing raids, fighter sweeps and escort missions.

The CO is proud of his pilots and those who flew will be awarded the ITALY STAR campaign medal, which will be listed in the records we are updating on the website. Any further awards or citations will be considered by the CO in due course.

In total, twelve 334th pilots flew 75 sorties, achieved 37 Air Kills, 40 Ground Kills and 2 Infantry Kills. For a squadron I believe those are results we can be proud of.

Roll of Honour

Fighter Pilots

Big_D ------- 4 Sorties ---- 1 Air Kill
Broccoli ----- 2 Sorties ---- No Air Kills
Chip -------- 4 Sorties ---- 1 Air Kill
Dr.Smoke --- 1 Sortie ----- No Air Kills
Galactic ----- 2 Sorties ---- No Air Kills
Kapsu ------ 14 Sorties ---- 23 Air Kills
MrJolly ------ 1 Sortie ----- No Air Kills
Virtue ------ 12 Sorties --- 7 Air Kills

Bomber Pilots

Wild ------- 8 Sorties ----- 1 Air Kill ----- 13 Ground Kills ----- 1 Infantry Kill
Fred ------- 6 Sorties ----- 2 Air Kills ---- 12 Ground Kills ----- 1 Infantry Kill
Jon -------- 10 Sorties ---- 1 Air Kill ----- 14 Ground Kills
Padre ------ 11 Sorties ---- 1 Air Kill ----- 1 Ground Kill

See Forum Post in STATION OPERATIONAL UPDATES to have your say
Posted by 334th_Toshizo on Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:35 am
News submitted by: 334th_Padre

Team Daidalos yesterday released the long awaited patch 4.13.1 for IL2 1946.

Unfortunately the patch looks a bit lame, releasing new flyable planes that hardly anybody will fly...
- R-5, 1931? (with 1934 model cockpit);
- P-5, 1931? (trainer based on R-5);
- S.S.S ("Three S"), 1936?;
- He-111H-11, 1942?;
- He-111H-16, 1943?;
- I-16 type 28, 1939?;
- I-16 type 29, 1940?;
- I-153 M63, 1940? (with M-63 engine);

and then did some improvements to cockpits ...

- I-15bis;
- I-16 type 24;
- I-16 type 24SPB;
- I-153 M62;
- I-153P;
- Pe-2 (added complete radio operator cockpit).
- He-111H-2, He-111H-6, He-111H-12 (cockpit interior update).
- He-111H-6 (added one more gunner post at ventral gondola).

There are more fixes too long to list here, but can be seen at the link in the IL2 1946 discussion board First impressions ...

It's not full of the things people would have wanted in the game.
Maps - The game has long been in need of more maps. A western front map is sorely needed.
Aircraft - One aircraft alone would open up so many potential missions to be built. The Lancaster. Is it not overdue?
As far as squadron use goes, online flying such as SEOW campaigns (HSFX expert) and online dogfight servers, 4.12.2 will continue to be used for the most part as the server software such as fbdj or server commander isn't configured for patch 4.13 and above.
Those suited to co-op or single/campaign missions would be able to utilise the patch's features properly. I'm sure it will be a while til most of the new features have been used and debugged.

What do you think?
Have your say in the Forum
Posted by 334th_Toshizo on Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:46 am
SEOW Campaign
News submitted by: 334th_Padre

Febuary 2016

334th pilots are currently active in a SEOW campaign in Italy in 1943/44 in IL2 1946 on Sunday evenings at 2000GMT.

A fighter wing and a bomber wing are performing with distinction, showing grit, determination and skill in combating the enemy.
With our help, the allies are succeeding in the campaign, and we are destroying numerous axis forces in our wake. This shows the valuable contribution our pilots are making and 334th leaders are understandably proud of their actions.

Since the start of the campaign, pilots have flown up to 7 sorties lasting up to 2 & 1/2 hours, racking up a good number of kills of enemy aircraft and ground targets. Details can be found in the Flight Ops section of the forum.

The 334th is continuing to recruit new pilots into the squadron, and some have already flown their first sorties with us in the campaign. They perfomed admirably, as have the more experienced "old timers".

We would always like to have more of you on board, especially those squad members who are active in IL2 but dont currently fly closed pit/full real. There are certainly some pilots out there who IMO are skillful enough and capable of switching to full realistic flying. It's something that you just have to practise a little bit at to become better. As with anything in life, results wont come immediately and the more hours you put in, the more you will hone your skills to become as proficcient as you are in open pit.

If you are interested or would like to know more about the campaign, just leave a comment on the posts in Flight Ops.

Distinctions so far....

334th_Kapsu (Fighter pilot) - ACE - 7 sorties, 13 air kills.
334th_Virtue (Fighter pilot) - 5 sorties, 4 air kills.
334th_Jon (Bomber pilot) - VETERAN - 5 Sorties, 13 ground kills, 1 air kill.
334th_Fred (Bomber Pilot) - 3 sorties, 12 ground kills, 2 air kills.
334th_Wild (Bomber pilot) - 3 sorties, 12 ground kills, 1 air kill.

Mentions in dispatches .....

New recruit 334th_Chip flew his first sortie this Sunday, and despite suffering damage to his aircraft in a dogfight causing the loss of rudders and elevators, managed to bring his plane home safely. Well done!!

(The only squadron with it's own Padre)
Posted by 334th_Virtue on Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:08 am
The Latest at the 334th
Autumn Winter season 2014.

334th is active , we are having events, squadron matches,flight nights and general training.

334th is now in rebuilding and training stage.

Since 334th has had new recruits and some our older members have come back from extended leave, we have activated 4 more flights now 8 flights total. Our focus in near future is to joint our new and old members together as an deadly and functional team we are known about.
334th has 35 + active pilots and 3 prospects at the moment.
We continue being active with events and squadron matches.

334th has opened a Wing in War Thunder.
WT Wing leader is 334th_Roderick. we are recruiting new pilots in WT side also.

334th Team Speak 3
We have new TS. You can find latest information from our forums.

334th in FaceBook
You can find us in Facebook. We have FB site and 334th Facebook group.

334th Server Changes

Yes, sadly the 334th Server has been withdrawn due under-utlilization not justifying its cost, however, we still own the hardware and remain ready to plug it in again whenever we see a need to provide a quality IL2 gaming resource, for use by our members and their guests.

At the moment 334th is in fundraising mode to launch dedicated server for Squadron use, events ans squadron matches.


We are pleased to continue to publish details of our past success in the final match of the 2011 season, where we narrowly defeated the 54th Squadron 3-2, on the Memphis Belle map, in the skies over Germany.

In an exciting final round, hotly contested right up to the last minute of the match, the 334th eventually prevailed only by total match points, to achieve an unbroken string of victories throughout the season.

Our success was again due to our sound preparation, under the XO, 334th_Javelin's supervision, and the exceptional level of morale enjoyed by the 334th.

Thus our final 2011 season results read as follows:

Round 1 Bye
Round 2 Crimea 334th def CL-Squad 4-1
Round 3 El Alamein 334th def =Elite= 4-1
Round 4 Bye
Round 5 Rhubarb 334th def Sky9T 4-1
Round 6 Tarawa 334th def 54th 4-1
Round 7 Carentan 334th def CRO 4-1
Round 8 Memphis Belle 334th Def MOG 4-1
Round 9 Seelowe Heights 334th Def SDT 4-1
Final 1 Tarawa 334th Def MOG 4-1
Final 2 Memphis Belle 334th Def 54th 3-2

These results contrast considerably with our efforts last season, when we did not enjoy the best of results for our first 2 matches, while we shrugged off the lethargy of the previous off-season, but we did eventually enjoy a most pleasing return to form, by finishing well in our final 4 matches for 2010.

1. CRO def 334th 4-1 Operation Shingle
2. 69th def 334th 3-2 Rangoon
3. 334th def MAG 4-1 Operation Pedestal
4. 334th forf TAT 4-0 Battle for Australia
5. 334th def 54th 3-2 Operation Ratweek
6. 334th def Merc 3-2 Burma
7. 334th def RS 4-1 Night Witches

Unsurprisingly, our squadron morale was also at an all-time-high, with many of our less active members again contributing their time and experience, helping to savour our success along with a number of new recruits.

We can see how again this season, the USL competition served us well, in enabling us all to share in a common purpose, and focus our efforts to continue to advance, both our team, and individual combat skills.

We much appreciated the fine work of our XO, who's efforts were once again instrumental, in providing combat command and control for the 334th, while simultaneously exacting a heavy personal score from our enemies, in addition to his USL Liaison duties.

1LT 334th_Virtue assisted the XO in his Liaison duties and built upon his excellent intelligence work from last season, by putting this knowledge to good use in building a considerable ground attack score.

We also owe a vote of thanks to our allies from the AG26 squad and 131 Squad, without whose assistance and support, last season, many of our achievements might not have been possible. Allied members have enabled us to fill vacancies on our flight line from time to time, and have consistently assisted us to fill our training programe with quality support and potent adversaries.

I am most pleased to see this alliance continuing, and seeing some excellent combat results from AG26 members.

Presently we also continue to enjoy joint participation in weekly Flight Night in thursdays, with maps developed by AG26 squad members and line servers, enabling us to ensure regular formal activity for both the 334th and AG26 Squadrons.

This USL season we were also pleased to see frequent training conducted with the assistance of the 54th Squad, with whom we did enjoy considerable mutual match preparation action, which evidently served both of our squads extremely well, as was apparent from both team's results.

We do still always have time for a beer or two at the Belly Tank, remain on standby to scramble to meet any combat challenge, and are still pleased to be available for a technical discussion in the hangar, so please feel free to drop in and say hi, however you might find us all down in the World of Tanks channel on temporary assignment.

1LT 334th_Arjan will occasionally be in there and want to talk recruitment, so be warned, but if you are looking to join our squad, just check out our requirements at 334th_H.Q. at the bottom of the Main Menu.


334th_Virtue (LTC)

updated: 6SEPT14
Posted by 334th_marcphil2 on Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:16 pm
RAF Debden - The Eagles Nest
Debden was home to the top-scoring "Eagles" of the American 4th Fighter Group from September 1942 to July 1945. Debden became known as The Eagles Nest because the base was home to the 4th FG, formed from the RAF's three Eagle squadrons (Number 71, 121 and 133) which were manned by American volunteer pilots before the USA officially entered the War. The 4th Fighter Group was part of the 65th Fighter Wing, and its USAAF Squadron designations became 334, 335 and 336. This made it the oldest fighter group in the Eighth Airforce. The 4th Fighter Group claimed 583 air and 469 ground enemy aircraft destroyed, the highest total of the USAAF. 241 of its own fighters were lost. The Eagles flew Spitfires until April 1943, then P47 Thunderbolts until February 1944, when they converted to P51 Mustangs
Posted by 334th_marcphil2 on Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:00 am
Welcome to the 334th Eagle Squadron Website
The 334th Eagle Squadron fly using the IL2-Sturmovik 1946 air combat simulation to commemorate the World War 2 squadron of the same name. We attempt to keep alive the thrills and skills learned by men who paid in sweat and blood for air superiority in the skies over Europe in WW2 and also later in the Korean War.

In seeking to assist others to also enjoy team air combat, we did host a "334th_Dedicated" server on the Hyperlobby, which usually rotated a series of air battle scenarios for simulator pilots to join in virtual air combat from all over the world. During the USL season, however, we used our server for training exercises, in order to improve our combat capability with USL training exercises, and rotated the current USL battle scenario map. We presented this server with OPEN cockpit settings, since we believe that the enhanced visual perception presented, more closely resembles real-world visibility, and have deliberately chosen icon settings with real-world visual ranges in mind. As an added feature, our server normally enabled players to display aircraft custom skins, to further enhance player immersion. At the moment our server is on hold.
Our 334th Eagle Squadron is also pleased to enable registered forum members to download many of the latest community-originated game modifications. Our 334th Hangar forums contain an expanding array of links to game resources including advice and downloads, which continue to grow, and provide a focal point for future game mod-developers and users alike.

The 334th Eagle Squadron's organization is modelled on its WW2 counterpart, complete with an OCU (Operational Conversion Unit), where we send our recruits for formal training, if required, under the supervision of our D-Flight Commander MAJ 334th_WokeUpDead

If you are interested in joining the 334th, you can find a Pilot's application form at 334th H.Q./Enlistment on the Main (left side) Menu. ( Our recruitment Officer is 1LT 334th_Arjan who has his own Recruiting topic in The Belly Tank forum (enlisted men's club) and is also often available for your questions on TeamSpeak, along with other 334th members and guests. Also we have set special lounge for our recruits to gather firsthand information about squadron.

All are welcome to join our public Teamspeak 3 facility which we use for voice communications to enhance our tactical co-ordination : -
At the moment we are using mainly 334th and BF-s teamspeaks. You can find further information from our forums.
If you need a copy of Teamspeak 3, it is available under Downloads.

We do not have active stats at the moment.

We have added interesting links in Main menu / Stats & Links

We have added interesting documents in downloads for our members and other to read and use.

We have added site and facebook group. Facebook group is for 334th and friendĀ“s. Group is closed but you can apply in to it.

Presently our 334th_Dedicated Server development is on hold, however we think that in the near future many new map features, which are available under the version 4.13, will bring some much needed new adventure to the game, particulary now that the components exist to allow catapult launches from carriers underway, jet fighters and maps of the Korean war era, as well as a host of other new aircraft, maps and features such as moving ground targets and AI aircraft now able to play a role as well.

We are all excited by these developments, and look forward to sharing them with you.


334th_Virtue (LTC)
Updated 6SEPT14
Posted by 334th_marcphil2 on Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:00 am
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